Bengal kitten price will be determined on an individual basis generally by 10 weeks old. Occasionally, Bengal kittens will be evaluated beyond 10 weeks to further asses their growth and development and determine if they will be held to stay in the breeding program. Pricing is determined by how closely the Bengal kitten conforms to the Bengal breed standard. Bengal kittens will start at $1850 and up. If two Bengal kittens are purchased at the same time, I give 10% off the second Bengal kitten (if there is a price difference, the discount will be applied to the lower priced bengal kitten). The discount is not applicable to already discounted Bengal kittens/cats.

I post pictures of Bengal kittens prior to their availability. These kittens that are under 10 weeks old will be listed as under evaluation. Under evaluation means I’m still watching their growth and development and determining how closely they fit the Bengal Cat breed standard. I occasionally will evaluate a bengal kitten longer than 10 weeks if the kitten looks to be of Bengal Cat breed standard and will be of benefit to continuing my breeding program. It is essential I do this to continue toward a high standard and bettering the Bengal Cat breed. Once the kittens are evaluated and priced I will move them to the waitlisted kitten category for those who have advanced deposits placed to choose from in the order the deposits have been received.  Advanced depositors can either choose from one of the available waitlisted kittens when their turn comes up or they may “pass” to a future litter if they are waiting for a specific color, gender, etc. Once all of those on the waitlist have either chosen or passed, if there are remaining bengal kittens, they will then move to the general available list. Kittens that have been chosen and deposited for will be listed as reserved and are not available.

I only sell breeding bengal cats to established registered breeders that I already know or established breeders that have a recommendation from breeders I already know.

Kitten Questionnaire:

If you are interested in reserving a Pawsabilities Bengal Cat please fill out a kitten questionnaire. The questionnaire helps me understand what you are looking for and to help find the best match for you.

Online Questionnaire Download Questionnaire

Deposit Agreement:

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to hold a place on the waitlist and/or to reserve an available bengal cat/kitten. Before a deposit is submitted, you must fill out the kitten questionnaire and receive approval for deposit submission. A specific kitten cannot be held for someone without a deposit in place.

The picking order of kittens is determined by the order the deposits are received. Those on the waitlist will be notified as the kittens are released. Generally, kittens are released to the waitlist when they are 10 weeks old.

The first person on the waitlist will be given up to 48 hours to either choose from the available waitlisted kittens or to forfeit their pick and pass to a future litter. It is necessary to have a time limit to keep the process moving.

Once the first person makes their decision, the process will continue—in waitlist order and with the 48 hour time limit—until every available kitten in the litter has been claimed or no more people remain on the waitlist. If there are still kittens available once the waitlist is fulfilled, the kittens will then be moved to the general available kitten list.

In the interests of maintaining a successful Bengal program, I reserve the right to hold kittens under evaluation for an extended period of time. If I determine the kitten will not remain in my program, it will be released back to the available waitlist or available kitten” list.

The $250 deposit is applied to the total cat/ kitten cost.

Kittens will usually be ready to go to their new homes between 16-18 weeks old. They will come with their first two HCPCh vaccines, a rabies vaccine, routine parasite control, a microchip, and will be spayed or neutered.

Retired adult cats are spayed or neutered and will come with up-to-date vaccines, routine parasite control, and a microchip.

Deposits are accepted via Venmo, ApplePay or Zelle.

Pawsabilities Bengal Cats reserves the right to cancel any reservation. Should a cancellation by Pawsibilities Bengal Cats prove necessary, the deposit will be returned.

Download Deposit Form

Pawsabilitites Bengal Cats Kitten Contract

Purchaser Agrees to the following:

  1. Kitten/cat must be examined by buyer’s veterinarian within 7 days after buyer takes possession to confirm the health. Failure to do so will void all guarantees.
  2. Kitten/cat must be quarantined from all other pets for no less than 14 days to ensure the kitten is of sound health and other pets are of sound health before introduction. Failure to isolate this kitten from other pets for 14 days will void all guarantees.
  3. Provide a safe and healthy environment. Never neglect or abuse.
  4. Always provide clean water and proper nutrition.
  5. Never de-claw this kitten/cat. Declawing will void all guarantees.
  6. Do not allow kitten/cat to free roam outside. Allowing free roam also voids any guarantees.
  7. Provide proper veterinary care and vaccinations as determined by a board-certified veterinarian. You will be provided with a current health record of these kittens for you to keep for yourself and to share with your veterinarian.
  8. Complete the registration of the microchip placed in kitten.
  9. Never, sell, lease, abandon, or transfer to anyone this kitten/cat. You must contact this seller if relocation of the pet to any other person other than the buyer is needed.

Kitten will not be transferred to the buyer until payment is received in full.

Seller Will:

  1. Provide TICA or CFA registration papers for kitten.
  2. Provide current health record of this kitten with Rabies tag and microchip number.
  3. All pet kittens/cats will be spayed or neutered prior to going home.

Health Guarantee:

Upon arrival to buyer’s home this kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health. All the cats in the cattery have been tested for and are negative for FIV/FELV and the parents have screened negative for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and are PK-def and PRA-b negative. Buyer must quarantine this kitten from other pets for two weeks and have buyer’s veterinarian confirm the health at buyer’s expense. If the veterinarian finds any life threatening or untreatable medical deficiency, it must be reported to the seller and seller’s veterinarian immediately. The seller will provide an equal replacement within a reasonable time frame, but the condition must be confirmed by seller’s veterinarian. Seller will provide a two-year warranty against HCM. If the kitten/cat is found to be HCM positive by a board-certified cardiologist, it will be confirmed by a Board-certified cardiologist of seller’s choice. If HCM i s confirmed, seller will provide a replacement kitten/cat of equal value within a reasonable time frame. For a replacement to proceed, all veterinarian records must be microchip verified and available for review by seller and seller’s veterinarian. If a kitten/cat has passed away, a necropsy must be done at buyers’ expense and sent to seller’s veterinarian and be microchip verified. Seller is not responsible for veterinarian costs of the kitten/cat once they are placed in the buyer’s care. If a kitten/cat is found to be neglected or abused, the buyer agrees to unconditionally surrender the kitten/cat to seller.

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