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Pawsabilities Calla (A-Kerr’s Zinnia x A-Kerr’s Bruno)

Calla is a seal lynx point with a wonderful pattern flow. Calla’s coat is super soft and full of glitter.

Calla has the most wonderful temperament and it would have been great to try to show her as a kitten but the pandemic ended up making her miss out on show kitten orientation.

I tried taking her to a show for photos but since she was born during the “Covid” break she was too scared with all the new noises to get her photos taken.

Calla is now retired and ready for adoption.

Calla is pra-b N/N and pk-def N/N via parentage

9/11/21 Calla screened clear of HCM by Dr. Eva M Oxford, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (cardiology) in Ithaca NY