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GP, RW AGN Pawsabilities Marvel

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Pawsabilities Marvel (TheRealms Carisa X A-Kerr’s Bruno Marvelous) DOB 9/9/18
This boy is full of so much personality! He wrapped himself around my finger and I ended up taking him off the available list and kept him as my show buddy. I tried him in agility in March 2019 and this little guy far surpassed my expectations of him. In just a few shows he earned a spot in the top 5 cats in agility for the CFA Great Lakes region for the 2018-19 season.

Marvel marched into the 2019/20 show season continuing to run agility well. Marvel earned his Grand Premier title at the Salt City Cat Club show held in Syracuse NY on September 21st. He is my first “home grown” Grand! He is such a joy to have as a pet and a show cat!

For the 2019-2020 season Marvel raced to the top spot for agility in the Great Lakes Region and is ranked 7th in the Nation for agility.

Marvel was a split season kitten and earned Best Bengal Kitten for Great Lakes this season 2019-2020.

On to show season 2021-22:

In just 3 months (6 shows) GP, AGN Pawsabilities Marvel earned 533.8 points and ran agility 8 times for a score of 3223 (with the lowest score tossed and final score of 2834). I’m glad I decided to try Marvel in the show rings when I brought him out for the start up of agility in January. He hadn’t shown or run agility since the “Covid” shutdown in March of 2020! I wasn’t sure if he’d remember or like showing and agility but he surpassed my expectations.

Marvel landed at 23rd best Premiership Cat in the Great Lakes Region and #1 for agility in the Great Lakes region. Marvel is also the best Bengal in Premiership in the Great Lakes Region. Marvel is the 2nd best cat Nationally for agility. I’m proud of my heart boy! He’s such a joy to show.

Sami Kerr thank you so much for these awesome photos of my Marvel! Also thank you to Richard/Chanan Photography for capturing these.