Ch A-Kerr’s Rhinegeist

Rhinegeist is a handsome glittered brown rosetted boy with a super sweet temperament.

Thank you to Samantha Kerr of A-Kerr’s Bengal Cats for entrusting me with this gorgeous boy.

Rhinegeist is negative for both Bengal Progressive Atrophy and retinal dystrophy and he is negative for PK-def via Optimal selection genetic testing.


Stacy that contacted me through my website inquiring about two kittens, please send me your email address as the one you provided did not work.

There are two female kittens available for reservation. They will be ready to go home around the second week in May.

Please fill out a kitten questionnaire if you are interested. Thank you.

Getting Started

A huge thank you goes to my mentor Samantha Kerr of A-Kerr’s Bengal Cats, for guiding me and believing in me as I get started with my cattery. Also thank you to my husband Bryan Miller for helping me and supporting me with the start-up of Pawsabilities.

I have always loved animals and particularly cats. I am thrilled to be working with bengal cats! They are energetic, intelligent and sweet.

With guidance from my mentor and following the standards recommended by TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association) and TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society), I hope to provide healthy and friendly companions with a beautiful wild look.

I will keep you updated as my cattery develops.