Pawsabilities is a Bengal cat cattery located near Corning, NY. While working to preserve and better the Bengal breed it is also of great importance to achieve healthy and well socialized/friendly Bengal kittens.

I adore the energy, intelligence and wild beauty of the Bengal Cat and am excited to share my enthusiasm with other Bengal cat lovers.

Our Show Bengal

GP, RW AGN Pawsabilities Marvel

This boy is full of so much personality and continues to amaze me! Marvel is Pawsabilities very first Regional Winner, earning this title in the 2021-22 show season and he’s also a second time National Agility winner.

In just 3 months (6 shows) Marvel earned 533.8 points and ran agility 8 times for a score of 3223 (with the lowest score tossed and final score of 2834). I’m glad I decided to try Marvel in the show rings when I brought him out for the start up of agility in January. He hadn’t shown or run agility since the “Covid” shutdown in March of 2020! I wasn’t sure if he’d remember or like showing and agility but he surpassed my expectations.

Marvel landed at 23rd best Premiership Cat in the Great Lakes Region and #1 for agility in the Great Lakes region. Marvel is also the best of breed for Premiership in GL. Marvel is the 2nd best cat Nationally for agility. I’m proud of my heart boy! He’s such a joy to show.

CH, AMN Pawsabilitie Markedly Just

I also decided to try my new upcoming boy CH, AMN Pawsabilitie Markedly Just in agility when it started back up. Mark is super fast but boy did he ever make me work hard to keep his attention to complete the course all at once. As a whole male he was interested in rolling around and placing his scent on everything. I’m proud of Mark for being the 2nd Best cat in agility for the Great Lakes Region and 4th Best Cat Nationally! Mark also ended up 3rd best of breed in Championship in the Great Lakes Region.

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