Pawsabilities is a small home operated cattery located near Corning, NY. It is my mission to achieve healthy and well socialized/friendly pet companions in addition to following and exceeding the standards set forth by TICA and CFA.

I adore the energy, intelligence and wild beauty of the Bengal Cat and am excited to share my enthusiasm with other Bengal cat lovers.

Our Show Bengal

PR AG Pawsabilities Marvel

This boy is full of so much personality! I trialed him in a show, intending to make him available as a pet. He was so well behaved at his first show in Vermont that I started to think maybe I should keep him as my show buddy. I of course fell in love with his temperament and kept him. In the Spring of 2019 I tried him in agility and this little guy far surpassed my expectations of him. In a few short months of agility, Marvel earned a spot in the top 5 cats in agility for the Great Lakes Region and ended up placing 13th Nationally for the 2018-19 show season as well as the Agility Master title.

I look forward to the 2019-20 show season with Marvel and hope to have a lot more fun in the agility ring with him this year! So far this season he has earned the Premier title and will be working toward his Grand Premier and has already met the points criteria for his Agility Grand Master title.