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New Kitten/Cat Home Care

Kittens are generally only fed Tiny Tiger grain free beef and poultry variety canned plus pawTree Real Chicken dry food and should be kept on only these foods for at least the first month in their new home. The treats mentioned below are fine as well.

For kittens going to new homes, I recommend keeping powdered pumpkin on hand to mix in the wet food if the kitten should develop diarrhea. With the stress of moving to a new home it is possible for the digestive system to be stressed.

I use NuVet Plus Feline supplement to help provide immune system support. I mix one-half teaspoonful of Nuvet powdered supplement into 3oz wet food once per day for kittens and one teaspoonful for adults.

Fresh water should be available at all times. It is important to use filtered water (water without minerals).


For treats I use Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried chicken and pawTree pawTreats Freeze Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale.


The litter I use is pine pellet bedding that can be bought at farm supply stores such as Tractor Supply. I highly recommend using some cat litter attractant while Your new kitten is getting used to his/her new home.

When bringing the kitten home it is best to use the same food, treats and litter he/she is used to until he is settled in (at least one month). If switching to a different food or litter, it’s best to switch slowly by mixing some new into usual products and slowly increase to the new over a week.

The pawTree dry food and treats can be purchased from this link:


The Tiny Tiger grain free canned food and Stella and Chewy freeze dried chicken treats are available from Chewey.com.


The Nuvet Plus Feline supplement you may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 387356, or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/387356 .

The pawTree, Chewy.com and Nuvet products give you the opportunity to do auto-ship which will save you some money.


I send a few days supply of food as well as a kitten blanket and a few favorite toys with your new kitten.

Your kitten is eligible to receive one month of Trupanion pet insurance for free as long as you activate the free trial within 24 hours before or after the go-home date.

For pickup, you will need a pet carrier with enough room to put a small travel litter pan in with the kitten/cat if the trip to your home is more than an hour.

Please give your new kitten/cat ample time to acclimate to his/her new home. It is best to confine the kitten/cat to a smaller area for the first week so they can find the litter box easily and not get overwhelmed. It is recommended to always have one extra litter box available for each additional cat. For example if you have one cat, you should have 2 litter boxes and if you have 2 cats you should have 3 litter boxes etc.

Slow introduction to other pets in the house is the best. I recommend waiting at least a week before having the new cat/kitten meet existing pets. This gives the new cat a chance to acclimate to the new home and be more comfortable before meeting housemates.

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