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Golden Leopard Vinny

Golden Leopard Vinny

Vinny is the newest addition to Pawsabilities and is sweet as can be! He has large two toned rosettes on a warm rufus ground coat making him look slightly “orange”.


DOB: 2/20/17

Vinny’s last HCM screening was negative on 9/19/19 at CVCA with Julia Shih, DACVIM

PKdef  N/N (negative) via FractalBio on  11/20/2018

Bengal PRA N/N (negative) via UCDavis on 10/23/18

Coat results CC/Ccb via FractalBio on 01/15/18

I hope to capture some photos soon that show off just how handsome Vinny is. He likes to roll around every time I try to photograph him.

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