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GP, CH A-Kerr’s Rhinegeist

GP, CH A-Kerr’s Rhinegeist

PK-Def N/N & PRA N/N 9/11/17 via UC Davis

HCM screening normal 10/28/17 by Linda Homco, DVM, DACVR

Rhinegeist is a brown Rosetted tabby Bengal with a glittered coat that is sleek and soft.

Rhinegeist has a very sweet temperament and a joy to have as a travel companion on the road to shows. He earned his CFA championship title in the fall of 2018 and his Grand Premier title in the Spring 2019.

Rhinegeist was genetically tested using Optimal selection and is negative for Pk-def , Bengal progressive atrophy and retinal dystrophy.

Some valve abnormalities were discovered during Rhinegeist’s HCM screening on 1/31/19 so he will not be used as a breeding stud. Rhinegeist will be neutered and shown in the premier class in CFA and enjoy his life as a show cat and beloved pet.

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